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Vintage Quimper candlesticks, handpainted Mistral blue man and woman candlesticks by Quimper


HB Henriot Quimper vintage candlesticks, mistral blue

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A beautiful pair of hand painted Mistral Blue vintage Quimper candlesticks signed HB Henriot, with a lovely brightly coloured floral pattern one with a male figure and one with a female figure.   These hand made pottery candlesticks made by Quimper in the North of France and they are  Quimper…pronounced “kem-pair”…is a town in north western France. It is also a people and a pottery.  The pottery is believed to begin in around 1700  but there were three pottery factories in the town by the last decade of the nineteenth century.  These vintage Mistral Blue Quimper candlestick are in good condition and are 21.5cms high and 14cms across the base.

These were the Porquier factory, another was known as the Grande Maison or De la Hubaudière factory, and the third, owned by Jules Henriot, was called the Faïencerie d’Art Breton. Tin-glazed earthenware, known in France as faïence, was and still is a popular product, especially pieces like these lovely candlesticks that are hand-painted with scenes depicting life in the region of Brittany.

Faïence as this sort of pottery is known is an art. It was particularly so in the early days before modern production methods, when incredibly high levels of  technical and artistic skills were necessary to make a piece of faïence.  

We have a large range of Quimper faience that will be added on the website over the next few months.

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