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Royal Doulton Arts and Crafts art nouveau cobalt jardiniere by Violet Hayward


Royal Doulton art nouveau pottery jardiniere by Violet Hayward with cobalt blue colouring.

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Beautiful Royal Doulton Art Nouveau planter or jardiniere with a largely cobalt high gloss glaze and some tube lining in autumnal colours including garlands near the rim.  Good condition, although some scratches on the glaze. it’s a good size measuring 19cms across the top and 20cms high.  There are initial in both written and incised formats on the base, which is stamped Royal Doulton. They appear to be hd which would most likely mean this antique planter was decorated by Violet Hayward.

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Weight4.0 kg
Dimensions30.0 × 31.0 × 32.0 cm

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