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Luneville faience Old Strasbourg breakfast cup and saucer 1900s


Luneville Faience Old Strasbourg Breakfast cup and saucer

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Luneville Faience Old Strasbourg breakfast cup and saucer dating from late 1890s to 1910 and in good condition.  This lovely Luneville breakfast cup is 9.75cm wide and 6cms high with a 15.5cms saucer.

The very first Luneville pottery factory was started by Jacques Chambrette in 1728. They were best known for biscuit figures and large faience dogs and lions but by 1749 the factory was renamed Manufacture Royale de Fayence by the Duke of Stanislaw (former king of Poland).  Chambrette had created a new earthenware knwon as “terre de Lorraine” and the factory competed with English and French ceramic centres. A 2nd factory was built in 1758 in Saint-Clement. Then Keller and Guerrin gave Luneville new life in the 19th century. Finally the factories were bought by Edouard Fenal in 1922 but they stopped production in Luneville in 1981 altough it continues in Saint-Clement.


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