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Deruta Mid Century cubist Sorrento vase by R.Rolli 19cms high


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Very unusual mid-century Deruta vase, hand decorated and signed by R.Rolli.  Fabulous cubist mid century RETRO style and would have originally been a souvenir item from Sorrento, hence it has Sorrento written around the top of the vase.   It’s vibrant yellow inside with a green boarder and the bright blues, yellows and reds over the black and white background are stunning.   There is a craze on the inside of the vase, which looks like a hairline but it’s only on the surface of the interior and doesn’t go through to the outside.  There are a couple of chips of glaze missing on the body of the vase and a small one on the edge of the top of the vase,  but this is quite common with this age and type of Italian pottery and it doesn’t distract from the beauty of the piece.  This beautiful mid-century vase is 19.5cm high and weighs 400 grammes unpacked. FREE MAINLAND UK DELIVERY.

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Weight2.0 kg
Dimensions20.0 × 20.0 × 20.0 cm

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