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Art Union of London antique bronze engraved tazza or comport


Art Union of London Antique Bronze Comport

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Beautiful Art Union of London antique bronze comport or engraved tazza.  Possibly dates from the 1870 or 1880s and represents the Arts and Crafts movement rather well. The Art Union was founded in 1837 but I think this is a later piece.  It was founded to allow ordinary people to own beautiful hand crafted objects, by way of a lottery and many famous artists and companies were involved in the project.  This comport or tazza is reminiscent of work created by Elkingtons of Birmingham, very well regarded silversmiths of the time.

The tazza is 28cms across and 12.5cms high.  It has a slight dent on one side but only really shows from the side angle and it’s a little undulating in places but it’s a hand made piece so that’s understandable.   There is a small plaque on the back that says “ART UNION OF LONDON” but no makers marks.  I will be adding that photo on shortly.

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