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Art Deco Carlton Ware Orchid handcraft hand painted 1920s jug


Art Deco Carlton Ware Orchid handcraft hand painted 1920s large decorative jug

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Rare and beautiful Art Deco Carlton Ware Orchid Handcraft jug.  There was a tiny graze on the foot of the jug, which has been professionally restored and is now invisible and there is a faint star hairline on the base of the jug but it is utterly beautiful and a very rare piece of individual hand crafted Carlton Ware pottery in the most gorgeous vibrant colours.   It also has a manufacturers defect in the glaze, which is clearly shown in photographs.  This is a very rare and beautifully

Carlton Ware Handcraft was decorated using quite a lot of blues, particularly cobalt, though eventually there were quite a number of exceptions.

W&R introduced this range c.1928, as a response to the fashion for freehand painted decorations. During this very creative period for British pottery many other potteries were creating modern freehand painted wares, such as Poole Pottery, Grays Pottery, Susie Cooper and Clarice Cliff, as was the fashion.
Most significant for Carlton Ware the use of matt glazes, which are what set this important range apart from other potteries of the time. These were items made in small batches and so now have become quite rare.  This beautiful very art deco jug is 20cm high. FREE MAINLAND UK DELIVERY


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