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Antique Chinoiserie Hibbert and Boughey tea set


Antique chinoiserie Hibbert and Boughey tea set from 1900s.

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Lovely antique chinoiserie Hibbert and Boughey tea set consisting of 26 pieces in the orange tint that tended to be the fashion of late 19th century to 1900s. This one dates from around 1900 and would have been a set of twelve without a teapot.  These lovely sets were made for moderately well off families who wanted a good tea set for the parlour. There are 8 lovely trios with cups 6 x 9.5cms, so more breakfast cups, saucers 14cms and plates 18cms. One of the plates has a small graze on the back but otherwise the set is in very good condition. There are two cake plates 23cms x 25.5cms. This lovely antique tea set is in good condition, just one plate with a graze.

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