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Antique Ceramics

The makers of antique porcelain, china and pottery are two numerous to mention and date back to the earliest chinese porcelain in the Hang Dynast in 3rd century China.   Britain has a strong heritage of beautiful antique porcelain with makers such as Worcester, Derby, Coalport, Wedgwood and Spode leading the way.  France of couse produced some of the most beautiful porcelain in the world under the name of Sevre or Vicennes and Germany was most famous for the first porcelain outside China itself made at Meissen in the early 18th Century.   In Staffordshire in England there were once over 1,000 potteries producing all kinds of pottery from high quality everyday pots and teaware to high end pottery for those with more money to spend.  We try and stock as diverse a collection of antique ceramics including both porcelain and pottery from all periods and a variety of countries including British, French and German pottery and porcelain to Italian and Scandinavian pieces, although the majority of these tend to be vintage rather than antique.

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