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Import duties

As Brexit has now happened you may incur import duties if you purchase vintage and antique items from Antik Seramika and are located in the EU or in other countries affected by the loss of Brexit trade deals with the UK.  We recommend that you investigate the likely duties and make yourself aware of any additional costs before purchasing.   In orders of under 135 euros value VAT is liable up to 22% in most European countries.

Post Brexit import duties on vintage and antique pottery, porcelain and glass

You may be liable to import duties if you are in the EU and purchase our vintage and antique pottery and glass items.  Depending on the value of the goods and what they are you will have to pay VAT on good purchased from the UK after Brexit (January 1st 2021).  When you buy goods from outside the EU VAT area, the VAT due on the goods is calculated on the total cost of the goods in most cases although this does seem to differ from country to country. This includes transport costs, insurance costs and any applicable customs duty.   So please be aware of this when you are making a purchase from Antik Seramika, that there will be VAT and possibly customs duties and it’s best to check in advance in your own country what these might be.  Many couriers and postage services also add an admin fee of 5 to 8 euros on each package as well as the VAT.

If you contact us directly for your individual country we can give you a guide of the likely costs before you purchase but we cannot always guarantee that this will be the exact charge as other factors may alter the final costs and different couriers and countries have different systems.