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Mid-century retro Rye Pottery coffee set - Antik Seramika

To encourage new customers we’re offering a 5% discount on all our products until 17th December. It’s not a massive one but we hope it helps and of course we also offer FREE mainland UK postage, which included Northern Ireland for all our vintage pottery and antique porcelain and glass sales.

So if you’re looking for a really special Christmas gift for a loved one, why not consider something beautiful, antique or vintage and you know you’re giving something different as well as doing your bit for the environment, as all these lovely antique and vintage gifts are effectively recycled, as is much of the packaging they arrive in.

The discount code is jmxcexkp and you can use it up to an including the 17th December which is pretty much the last date for standard posting anyway. Enjoy your Christmas shopping.

Antique Sunderland Lustre bird cup and saucer at Antik Seramika