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Art Deco royal Doulton demi tasse coffee cups and saucers

Combined postage costs on antique and vintage china and glass purchases

We’ve just revamped the website a bit and one of things we noticed in the process is that there’s no facility to give overseas customers discounts on combined postage.  We sell a lot of trios and cups and saucers and therefore you might want to buy more than one of a pattern, so we’re working on a way of being able to offer an automated system.

But in the meantime, it you want to buy four trios the postage cost will probably look absurd, so you can contact us and we can provide a discounted postal price for more than one item.  It doesn’t just apply to matching sets.  If you see two or three items of vintage or antique pottery or porcelain on the site or glass (it applies to everything), just drop us an email at and we can provide an invoice with reduced postage that you can pay by Paypal and your purchase is still subject to all the usual guarantees.

So, it doesn’t hurt to ask and if you get a silly postage price from the current system on multiple items then please just get in touch. Of course, if you’re on the mainland in the UK, there’s FREE POSTAGE on everything so you can buy as many items as you like and it won’t cost you a thing.